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Smart Technology

Disable & Arm Through Your Phone

Hard-wired + Wireless alarm installations in the North East

Crown Alarms offers hard-wired or wireless alarm installations to customers at affordable prices.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

Crown Alarms Durham

The latest in home security

By installing a hard-wired or wireless system you can vastly reduce your chances of becoming another crime statistic. With various systems available on the market, choosing a system the works for you can be difficult. As an experienced installer we can provide expert advice on all the latest innovations in home security.

One-off cost.
No subscription.

At Crown Alarms, we provide great products at fixed prices.

Whether you choose a hard-wired system or a wireless system, mobile phone connectivity or not, or even a CCTV system, our customers pay a one-off cost with no subscription fees.

Smart security solutions

Whether you want a standard wired system, or you’d like the very latest in smart tech that provides control at your fingertips, we can design and install a system that works for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Stay connected with a wireless alarm system 

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Alarm Installers Durham

Professional and Reliable alarm repair and maintenance across the North East.

When it comes to alarm repair and maintenance, you can count on Crown Alarms. We carry out most repairs on the same day with a single visit. We repair most makes of alarms including those not installed by us. 

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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    Keep your property protected

    A professionally installed and regularly serviced burglar alarm system can help ensure your family, property, and possesions are safely protected.  Every home is different with unique security needs – Crown Alarms provides tailored security solutions.

    From servicing and repair, to upgrades and new installations, we’re passionate about one thing: protecting your property.

    We advise an annual service schedule for all systems.
    This ensures your system is operating at an optimum level, is configured correctly for your circumstances (e.g. zoning, pet sensors), and to identify any issues before they become problems.
    If your alarm system does develop a fault, don’t panic, but it needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. We can quickly diagnose problems and provide effective repairs with fixed pricing, often same day.  We’re passionate about giving our customers round-the-clock peace of mind.
    If it has been a while since your last service, don’t worry!  Let’s book an appointment to check over your system.

    We can help you with:

    • Intruder alarms
    • Pet-friendly alarms
    • Wireless and hard wired alarms
    • CCTV enhancements
    • Audible only alarms
    • Alarms direct to your mobile device
    • Reconfiguration
    • Alarm Service and Replacement Parts

    Call Now 07831 623 934

    We are able to repair, upgrade or replace virtually all existing systems.
    Even those not fitted by us or from installers who no longer trade such as Laser, Delta, Aok, Atomic, Star security, Tates , Turners, T & R(Trattles).

    If you are not sure which system you have , check out the gallery below and you can see the most popular system over the years and identify your make and model or call us and we can usually identify it over the phone.


    Ademco Alarms


    Honeywell 8EP 416

    Challenger/CK Securit

    Challenger Alarms




    Eurosec Alarms

    Pyronix Enforcer

    Optima XM/XL

    optima xm

    Optima XM/XL

    optima xl6

    Pyronix Enforcer V11

    Pyronix Enforcer V11

    Scantronic 9427

    Scantronic Alarms

    Scantronic 9930

    scantronic 9930

    Scantronic 9600 series 3400

    scantronic 9600 series 3400

    Scantronic 9943

    scantronic 9943

    Texecom DCA 0001 Veritas


    CK Securitech

    Visonic Powermaster

    Visonic Powermaster

    visionic powermax

    Visonic Powermax

    Consistently Rated
    5 Stars

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